Friday, April 28, 2006

Smile for the camera...

Elena, Maya, and Lucy sure know how to take great pictures, maybe when they are all in high school we will be able to capture them all the same time! Posted by Picasa

Pouting and Smiling!

Doesn't seem like the three babes are having much fun here! Lucy(6 weeks) is on the right, Austin(11 weeks) in the middle and Alyssa(6 weeks) is on the left. The moms sure had a good time at lunch, despite their whiney babies!
I finally caught Lucy smiling on camera! She shared her first real smile at 4 weeks and started cooing at five weeks.
Have I mentioned what a good eater we have on our hands! Lucy has "pipes" like her dad, and is working on her third thigh roll! I'm guessing she has just about doubled her birth weight now. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring in MN

We love the warm weather and the chance to go outside and play!  Posted by Picasa

Elena's Days...

Elena has had to find different ways to entertain herself during Lucy's many feedings (and while mom tries, without success, to catch up on all the laundry!). Here she is playing with her Care Bears (organizing!) She made a great train the other night, it included all of her furniture and little people. We try to get out of the house at least a few times during the week. Elena can spend hours at the library reading stories and playing with the puzzles and magnets. She loves these fairy tale chairs that they have at the Woodbury library. We usually go to Central Park every week to stop at the library, indoor playground, indoor waterfall, and a quick lunch at the "restaurant". We also get together for playgroup almost every week with other moms and kids in the area.
I can only guess that Elena is imitating what her big brother learned in karate last week!
This is mom's old dance outfit, Elena would wear it everyday if she could! At closer glance you would see that this is about 5 sizes too big for Elena! (I just realized that our toilet is in the background of this pic...I'll have to look closer at what I am posting next time!)
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Monday, April 10, 2006

This is one of mom's favorite pictures. Lucy looks so sweet with all the hands surrounding! Here's a close up..."I'm trying to eat the blanket, why won't anyone feed me!"
Austin outgrew this cute sweater outfit, so now we get to borrow it. It is so warm and cuddly.
Quit taking pictures, mom, this is just exhausting!