Monday, November 17, 2008

Flower Arranging!

Beauty Prep

Here's the groom getting a few pointers from his brothers...
And the bride applying some finishing touches in the lovely daycare bathroom!
Here is the pre-wedding Elena...
There is no stress in Christine's face. I am have 8 minutes to produce a gorgeous updo!

More wedding fun!

In October, we were blessed to be able to be a part Jesse and Angie's wedding as a family. We would like to thank them for planning the wedding on a weekend that was a 4 day break for Kevin. Also, we are requesting that no weddings/birthdays/anniversaries/births be planned until after Feb 2010 (okay, just kidding about that part)! Our entire family crashed at the Carlson/Chan Household for 2 very busy days. That was the weekend we transformed into flower arranging, hair updoers, dress fitters, seamstresses, photographers, models, and party planners. NO ONE was given a moments rest, except apparently, Al, who we caught on a few occasions, not only watching TV, but also, getting a massage? Okay, so in all fairness, you can see we caught him working from time to time as well.