Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cute kid pics

Elena "practicing" for school
Lucy practicing to skip school
Here is Elena trying on one of mom's baby carriers, along with the "baby"
Somehow I don't think Lucy is enjoying the sisterly bonding
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Tim & Karen's Wedding

Here are the kid's having their own "dance" party.
This is Tim...
This is Karen...apparently, we did not capture them together on their wedding day...
However, I did manage to snap a picture of Kevin dancing with the bride!
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Jason & Emily's Wedding

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Alex & Christine's Wedding

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Wedding Day Blues

Oh the price you pay for beauty!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In an effort to save space, we picked up a new space-saver crib for lucy.

Her and Elena thaught it was great!

Until we discovered we could seal them in and leave.
All I can say is it has been a LONG time since we went to the movies without kids!
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Two of my favorite Ladies

Two of my favorite Ladies, sitting at the table. I found these while looking back through pictures. Not sure why I always find good pics during midterm and finals time...

They just found out we're out of Oreos:

Hmm, Elena still has one left... for now ;-)
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Little...

What to do when you have eight little girls showing up for a party, and all you have is duck tape? Put them in a bag and tape it shut of course! Then, throw them outside, and see who can still escape! Finally, chase them down with shovels… errr cake, yah that’s it, cake. Elena’s fifth birthday went off with great success, and would you believe, rather cheaply, (with my wife, is there any other way?) I wasn’t around for Ariel’s preschool party under the sea, but we made it to Chuck E Cheese’s Friday night for some quality family time video gaming.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

The state of ...

We went to the State Fair on Wednesday. Somehow we got the idea in our head that riding the "Express Bus" was the only way to go. It convenietly picks up 2 miles from our house, it was only $3 ("that's less than gas") and it drops you right at the door. Somewhere in there we forgot that we were taking a monkey along. As I am riding along with the almost 5-er in my lap, quietly reading the ads to myself, a monkey appears from behind a wall of legs (did I mention that the bus was standing room only - sardine style). Only this monkey is yelling something sounding like "mama" and "Lena" combined. Now we are riding with the monkey on top of the 5-er. One of the precious ads at the top of the bus was showing the in's and out's of traveling with a toddler, and it included keeping them safely in your lap at all times. This little monkey is not the quiet sleepy type, but the Curious George version. After this mama has had enough monkey-business, she disregards all posted safety signs and sends the monkey back through the crowded aisle to her father, who proceeds to let her hang from the safety bar overhead.

Finally, we arrive at the fair, fun is had by all. We end the day with a bucketfull of Sweet Martha's and 6 cups of fair style milk in our tummies.

Since the fair, something has become more and more apparent. Our sweet little monkey appears to have a sensitivity to cow's milk... We've been potty training now, due to the bright red rash on her bottom. It seemed like a good idea this morning. No diapers, meant max exposure to the healing air, and the monkey loves her potty seat. This morning went fairly well, 2 strikes - both the piddle version, 0 runs. Diaper for nap of course. Now, as I take a break from monkey business and update the blog, another strike, only this time I am not so fortunate. That was the third strike, guess it is back to diapers, and lots of Desitin.

This is how we wash hands at our house "Monkey Style".

Monday, July 30, 2007

Army Girls

The girls enjoyed playtime in daddy's uniforms while he was away this summer.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home Improvements

Lucy has been working on a few projects throughout the floors, new paint on the wall, new pantry...

Here she is posing with her new favorite toy...

Cute kids...

Here are some cute kid pics, still from our trip in March. Not sure how to turn the last, so your going to have to turn your head!