Thursday, April 16, 2009

What to do today? USO

About everyother time that I call home, I get asked: "What do you need/ What can I send you?" Thus far, I've haven't really had an answer other than to help with the kids and upkeep of the house (Thanks Mom, Dad, Audrey, and everyone else who's pitched in! It's greatly appreciated.) For the most part, we really don't need anything here. What we have been using on a daily, or several times a day basis is the USO. They provide Free Internet, Free phone call where you only have to dial the phone # (not 4 phone #s, a code, then talk to a person to get a switchboard call,) Games systems, movies etc... So, I finally have an answer to everyone: Donate to the USO. Don't have money, check out the website at USO.Org and see "How to Help"on the top right.

Mr Sears, one of the help desk/ IT Gurus poses. In the midle is a phone bank, and background has computers and games systems. Oh, one area I didn't take a picture of is the lounge, where there's microwave popcorn, tea and a bunch of other snacks. In short, GIVE TO THE USO! Thanks!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elena dances to "Singing in the Rain"

Elena is the one with the long blond ponytail. She is usually 2nd from the right.

Lucy dances to Under the Sea

I finally downloaded some video clips. Lucy is the littlest (and the one dancing to her own beat) one on the left.