Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here are some videos (YEAH TO POSTING VIDEOS!)

Not sure if this qualifies as downhill or cross county, but she's doing her best to hit the Slalom caps, and finishes with a "First Position."

Elena's Review and lessons learned

Why is it that our ski's are about our height, but kids skis are 18 inches long?
Anyhew, We had a GREAT time, and can't wait to go again!

Ski II

Here we're at the top of Buck hill. It was about 20
degrees and sunny. Perfect for skiing.

Elena fell twice. This first time was because I skied right behind Kris (while she was going backwards) and tripped her which dominoed to Elena. The second time I couldn't get a picture because I was laughing too hard. Emily did the splits, caught Elena's ski, and brought her down too! I almost fell over laughing so hard before helping them up. Emily was hurting for about 3 days.

Kris taught me how to ski backwards... Very helpfull for getting a 5 year comfortable.

She like using our poles to get her skis off.
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Ski Time!

This is my first time skiing since Feb. 03! before that, it was ~97ish!

This is Elena's first time...Ever! SHE LOVED IT!
Emily's friend from work, Kris, taught us how to teach Elena. She spent two hours with us, teaching us.. err Elena how to ski.

I snuck away, and snapped this shot from the ski lift!

Elena wasn't even scared to go up the lift!
THAT surprised us.
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Winter Fun

What, you don't sleep in your goggles?

How big is Lucy? So Big

Yep, they're cute

One of her first snowballs. And she missed!
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Triple Trouble

Doesn't everyone make this face when they fill their diaper?

Our friends Niki & Chris had Triplets in June! YIKES.
And everyone thinks we stay in a bunch.
N&C: When you get this in 2026, give me a call!

Oh, and beware the big bad wolf!
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Lucy as a fairy, wearing a stolen hat.

Now she's a careBear. What can we say, she loves to change clothes.
(or is it needs to?)
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