Friday, March 31, 2006

Purple Lips

Posted by Picasa Here's Lucy after being treated for thrush. The med we used dyed her mouth purple!

Austin and Lucy

This is Lucy's friend Austin Reed Deegan. Austin is one month older than Lucy. Jess and Chris welcomed the little guy into their home February 6th. Austin had a jump start in weight, he was 2 pounds heavier than Lucy. Lucy is quickly playing catch up in the weight gaining arena. They love to get together for playdates. Austin's dad, Chris, says we can't start planning their wedding yet... But we are planning some fun summer outings with the kids this summer.

Elena still thinks that babies are pretty special and is enjoying her little sister and new little friends. She is also enjoying all the fun toys everyone got for her when she became a new big sister!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Visiting at Church

This is Grandma Audrey with baby Lucy. They coordinated jackets for the occasion. We went to church when Lucy was 4 days old to meet some relatives and friends.
Here is Great Auntie Gwen holding Lucy and her newest granddaughter, Ava. Ava and Joe were visiting from Atlanta for the weekend.

Just call me spike

Mom thinks I'm going to lose all this black hair, just like my big sister. I'm kinda attached to it though!

I'm a little pumpkin...

Lucy doesn't look too happy about being placed naked in the window! She made sure mom got up and out of the house plenty of times that first week. By Tuesday(when Lucy was only five days old), her pink skin was only visible on her hands and feet, the rest of her body was covered in a nice orange glow. So we made daily trips to the clinic for the next 3 days. Lucy slipped by without needing phototherapy(to treat Jaundice)...but just barely! Mom thinks it was all the close skin to skin time they spent together that made all the difference (or maybe it was all the eating and pooping that has been going on.) Please add to mom's do not eat list: BROCOLLI! --I was up all night after having that green stuff!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Lucy Christine Ross was born at 8:34pm, (that's 20:34 for you military peeps,) Thursday March 9th, 2006 Weighing in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, she's a bit light for the Ross side of the family, but will no doubt make it up soon, as she has taken her appetite from her dad! We had a minor scare when Emily didn't dilate for several hours, but once C-section was threatened, things happened rather fast!
After being 3cm for a while, she ended up going from 6cm at 7:30, to 9cm at 8pm, and Lucy born at 8:34, almost before Dr. Less made it back after his initial assessment!
She was very responsive, albeit not happy about being out!

Happy Family

The beautiful girl was fairly responsive, crying briefly after mom became the first person Dr. Less has ever seen dry and stimulate their own baby as soon being placed on mom's chest.

Happy Family. This is about one hour after birth. Everyone complemented how great Emily looked afterwards, (She actually had a stunt double fill in for the last couple hours of birth;) and how beautiful Lucy came out: no bruises or bumps, and minimal head shaping.

Clean and Print

Around 12:30am, the nurse took Lucy out to clean her up, and give mom a few minutes of rest.

After the bath, she soaked up the heat from the lamp.
Then it was time for prints before being returned to mom. As you can see, she's so stressed, (still sleeping.)

This is my little sister...we brought her home last night!

Elena had very busy days on the 9th and 10th. She came to the hospital with mom and dad and then Linda picked her up for a day of fun. Elena came to visit her new little sister right before bedtime and didn't want to give her up! It was a teary exit on Thursday night.
Wearing mom's sweater, (and about 3 blankets) Lucy was ready to venture outside for the first time, (it was after all, a chilly 50 degrees.) We left the hospital at 25 hours old.
Let's see, what troublesome tricks can I teach her first?
"I love my baby sister!"
This is a common phrase from the proud big sister's mouth.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Elena

Here are some pictures of Elena around the house and being silly. The third pic is her painting a onesie at Jess' baby shower. She loves arts and crafts time!