Saturday, March 11, 2006


Lucy Christine Ross was born at 8:34pm, (that's 20:34 for you military peeps,) Thursday March 9th, 2006 Weighing in at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, she's a bit light for the Ross side of the family, but will no doubt make it up soon, as she has taken her appetite from her dad! We had a minor scare when Emily didn't dilate for several hours, but once C-section was threatened, things happened rather fast!
After being 3cm for a while, she ended up going from 6cm at 7:30, to 9cm at 8pm, and Lucy born at 8:34, almost before Dr. Less made it back after his initial assessment!
She was very responsive, albeit not happy about being out!

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Shannon M. Ritchey said...

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?!" she looks just like Kevin after he just had the crap smoked out of him in the hot Georgia sun! I am glad to see in the next pictures she looks beautiful-more like her mother!! Congrats guys! I will see you when you get back!