Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More excersaucer pics



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Tummy Time




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First time in the Exersaucer




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Gustie Girls


We finally found a time to get all 7 of us together...the last time may have been at our wedding...almost 5 years ago...
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McHattie's Tea Party

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We had an adult tea party to recuperate from the Birthday Party at McHattie's.

Elena's 2nd Hair Donation

Elena decided a few weeks ago that she was ready to get her hair cut again. We went in yesterday and there was enough to donate 10 inches to "Locks for Love" again. She was all smiles the entire time and so excited to show off her new do to her classmates this morning...



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"Mom, I got it!"

Isaac was in the swing briefly this morning when he started to fuss a bit. I'll admit, if I'm trying to get something done, I'll wait until he really lets me know he needs me... This time Lucy stepped in to let me know, "Mom, I got it!" She runs over to him and he stops fussing. I assumed he just needed a little human interaction, and for the time being, little Lucy talking to him was comforting. A short time later, I went to see how things were going, this is what I found... empty swing...

...Isaac on the foot of the couch...

...Lucy's back to him. She's busy watching TV and holding up the back of her dress...
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"Lucy why is Isaac on the couch? Is he scratching your back?"

Lucy, "He wanted to!"

Everyone always says that the middle child is the one that has it the hardest. I beg to differ. I cannot count the number of times my older brother told me he would scratch my back if I scratched his...and he fell asleep before I got my turn. Here it is starting and the kid is not even 2 months old!