Thursday, May 31, 2012

January 2010 Daddy returns!

A funny thing happens around this house. As soon as there is a boy in the picture, my free time to scrapbook disappears. If you were to take a look at my scrapbooks, you would see they all but disappear when I started dating Kevin. The blogging ended shortly after he returned from Iraq. Here are a few pictures on the day of his arrival home. If you heard our 3 seconds of fame on MPR, you would know he didn't recognize little Lucy. If you were there when he got off the bus at the Armory, you know I had him reunite with his little son with immediate diapering duties!

Kevin wasn't home long before we took a road trip to Disney with the 5 of us. It was shortly after our arrival back home to Prescott, after a snowstorm blocked us at the end of the driveway, that I put the idea into his head that we should move back closer to the cities. By May, Kevin began working for the SSA in St. Paul. The following winter we took a family vacation with Carolyn and Jeff to Maui. The house hunting process was underway, along with the home showing craziness. We eventually ended up renting our country home to a Military family. That gave us the opportunity to get our new home in Mahtomedi built. May 2011, we shacked up at the Syndicate house for 2 months. Elena spent her last 6 weeks of 2nd grade at Wildwood Elementary, sadly leaving her Prescott friends. Lucy graduated early from Preschool at Heart, Hands, and Mind. At this time, I was getting the planning done for my new home daycare business. In July 2011, we had Carolyn and Jeff's wedding, our big move to our Forever home, and my Lactation Boards. I opened The Complete Child, LLC, the next month, was Licensed by October, and had a full crew of 6 kids under 4 years old! In November, I went to casual status at Childen's. I'm now working one day per month for the Lactation Department, and one day as a bedside RN in the NICU. The '11-12 school year has been an adjustment for the whole family. The girls have participated in dance, swimming, and soccer. Kevin and I returned to Hawaii in January 2012, this time leaving the kids home and traveling with the Chans and newly pregnant Zerwas'. I am finally feeling settled enough to breathe a little!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mr. Handsome

After coming across some great blog posts from a friend, I decided it's about time I update ours! I'll start with a few PICS of Ike when he was a wee little one. These show off his baby blues, and his golfing abilities at 10 mos of age.