Monday, October 23, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fall Festivities

Mom and dad need to learn some things:
1. a leaf is great fun, and a tasty treat!
[Any time Lucy is set on the ground, she'll go for the nearest leaf and put it in her mouth.] 2. But too many of them can make you sick and scared!

When they're not out playing around, Elena has been pleased to have Lucy play in her room while dad does homework. This was earlier tonight while mom's at work. As long as Elena isn't too friendly, (it's good to show the baby your love by squeezing her as hard as possible, right?) they get along very well. Elena often helps take care of and/or entertain her sister. Posted by Picasa

Photography, Day 2

"Why do you bother me without massaging my wholsome catness?"
Today we learned about the zoom(in this case, zoom means bringing the camera really close to the subject!)
Oh the views we catch of loved ones when they may not want us too. I am sure Lucy will love her sister for this one by the time she reaches her teenage years.
The Beauty, the focus, the calming front with an active background... (does any of that sound 'artsy' to you? Can you tell I don't know what i'm talking about?)
I am thinking we may need to keep the old camera for Elena, or we won't be able to use ours the way she hogs it! Posted by Picasa

Our new photographer

Elena has discovered the joys of taking pictures, and has thus far taken about 100 or so pics. Most of them turn out ok, as long as she's not moving the camera too much, (that's where we were going wrong!) This first one is at the Teddy Bear park in Stillwater.

Lucy isn't the only one facinated with feet. Apparently they're different through the lens? Posted by Picasa