Monday, August 28, 2006

Sitting, scooting, and up on all fours!

This has been a busy week for Lucy. She has learned the great art of sitting. This doesn't last long and she plops herself back down on her tummy to scoot along to get into more trouble. It is so cute to see her up on all fours with her short arms and chubby thighs. She really gets going if we let her roam without a diaper (who would have known their dual purpose!) The two things she will try hardest to get: her sister's toys and dad's lunch! Posted by Picasa

Mini Vacation at the Kaplans

We love to go to the farm and play with the kitties, donkeys, goats, mini horses, alpacas, bunny and pig. Nana and Papa bought a new cabin "a stones throw" away from their house. It is great - there's a fireplace and big windows looking out onto the lake. Thanks so much for letting us get away from the city life for a couple of days! Posted by Picasa

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The sink!

"Can I at least graduate to the kitchen sink..." Posted by Picasa

First Food!

I finally caved! Lucy had her first rice cereal feeding at 5 1/2 months. She loved it - we even have her on video saying "ummmm"! Elena enjoyed being able to deliver the rice cereal mixed with mommy milk. Lucy has been grabbing at our food for some time now, she even scooted after Kevin's lunch today. She has proven to us that she knows how to use a straw as well. This child will not go hungry!
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Friday, August 18, 2006