Monday, September 12, 2005


Following in the footsteps of the Sorensen's, I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone up to date with our family happenings. If I can figure out how to post pics it will be a great way to send out some smiles. Kevin is in his second week of school and ROTC, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. He is also still training and preparing to go to Iraq. And working mornings at Imation. He should be contracted by the end of the week with ROTC - this will finally releave him of his duty for Iraq, about a week before he would have been deployed.

Elena is back at Hope Church on Wednesdays. This is our version of preschool. She is in a small class of 3 year olds. Elena will be attending her 2nd dance class tomorrow. I enrolled her in the Just for Kix program at Redeemer Lutheran in WBL. It is just Elena and the instructor's daughter in the Tuesday morning class, so she will be getting very close attention. She has already shown me some of her new moves.

I am still working the 11am-7pm shift at work. I have been trying to figure out which days will actually work with Kevin and Elena's schedule, and have decided I just can't work. Unfortunately, the mortgage company didn't quite agree, so I have been doing some trading at work to find times to fit into our schedule. Elena continues to visit with all her favorite ladies when Kevin and my schedule overlap. She enjoys picking flowers at Linda's, playing with Deb at church, joining Beth and her family in their busy days, eating ice cream with Maya and Grandma Laura, and painting rocks at Grandma Audrey's house.

The newest member of the Ross family is a Mini: Rotweiller, Doberman, German Shepard mix named Missy. Missy's dad left to Iraq last week, so we are filling in while he is gone. I always wanted to do foster care, I just never imagined it would be for a 7 year old pup! She has fit in quite nicely. Elena has already introduced her to the many adventures of a 3 year old sister!

I am hoping we will have our little fish tank up and running before the arrival of the new baby, but with my recent project follow through times, that may be an impossible feat! The baby is 14 weeks along. We confirmed with ultrasound that there is only one! I was afraid there were two, three, or four little projects in the making when I gained so much belly so early on. That has plateaud now and I am feeling good most of the time. Kevin is amused and frustrated with my pregnancy forgetfullness and mood swings(not that I suffer from either of these!) Baby should arrive just in time for Spring midterms (EDD=March 15).

I will try to get some photos on the site soon, they are always the best part of blogs!

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