Thursday, January 12, 2006


We managed to find a few days before Christmas to escape to Chicago. It was our first roadtrip in our new (used) Dodge Grand Caravan. Santa visited a little early and found a portable DVD player while he was shopping for food for the trip. We wish to express sincere sympathy to all who have done road trips with children who did not have this "necessary" device. We parked our Minivan at our hotel-6 miles from downtown- and used public transportation the entire time(i.e. the bus and our feet). It was sooo cold. Elena looked like an eskimo when we got her all suited up, but rarely complained of being cold. Elena loved the Chicago Children's Museum and spent most of her time making gingerbread cookies in the kitchen. She still searches for a "little potty" every time we enter a public restroom now. They had a miniature version of the public toilet. We also visited the Winter Wonderland on Navy Pier and saw the newest "Harry Potter" on the IMAX.

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